Trompo has been, since 2004, the creative platform of Nicolás Dardano. It was conceived as a space for audiovisual research and production, focused on interdisciplinary projects that explore interaction between time, space, video, light and sound. Trompo works with new technologies and media. Conceptualizes and develops installations, digital scenographies, performance’s settings, exhibition spaces and audiovisual material for traditional and emerging formats.

It’s work teams are dynamic and vary according to the needs of each project. They gather the knowledge of designers, artists, programmers, vjs and musicians to develop innovative and conceptually solid multisensory experiences.

Nicolás coordinates teams as art director and participates alternately as a graphic, motion and spatial designer. Outside Trompo, he works as a Professor for the University of Buenos Aires, Graphic Design degree, and for Torcuato Di Tella University, Design degree. In recent years he has participated in various audiovisual research projects through the art platform AADK Spain. 


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