classical opera

2016. Colón Theatre, Buenos Aires.

Audiovisual advising, animation and technical supervision for the digital scenography of Fidelio, opera presented on the main stage of Teatro Colón, with set design by Eugenio Zanetti. Based on the visual proposal of the stage-director, we adapted to digital formats and animate more than 15 settings of the scenography. Throughout the opera, over 60 minutes of audiovisual material were projected live, covering the stage of the legendary Colón theater.
Project carried out in collaboration with @ailoviu.

Rehersal for one of the scenes.

Front projection over trasnlucid fabric and back projection over traditional screen.

Front projection over trasnlucid fabric

Front projection over painted fabric.

Mapping over the actress and the background.

Staging design and direction : Eugenio Zanetti
Staging design associate: Sebastián Sabas
Musical direction: Francisco Retting
Animation and digital scenography: Nicolás Dardano 
Audiovisual consulting: Martín Borini / Nicolás Dardano
Light design: Eli Sirlin
Music performance: Permanent orchestra of the Colón Theatre


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