a/v artwork

2010/14. Buenos Aires, NY, Paris, Tokio, San Pablo.

Since 2008, Trompo has carried out various commissioned audiovisual pieces for the artist Leandro Erlich. Most of the works were requested for installative pieces. Tasks performed included: visual proposals, design, animation, footage editing, and adaptations to non-traditional video formats.
Among all works, most relevant ones had been: La Vereda, exhibited in the Ruth Benzacar Gallery, and the Malba Museum, Buenos Aires, and in Le Trottoir, in the Frame of the Channel Mobile Art in Central Park, New York.

Le trottoir, Channel Mobile Art, New York, 2008.

La vereda, Galería Ruth Benzacar, Buenos Aires, 2007.

Leandro Erlich Studio

General production: Marian Casoni
Animation and design: Nicolás Dardano
Animation: Marian Mezzadri, Alejandro Biscione, Fransisco Salazar
Producción General: El perro en la Luna
Design: Agustín Sciannamea


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