theatre play

2017. Teatro San Martín, Buenos Aires.

Animation, editing and technical assistance in projections for the play Orlando, by Emilio García Wehbi at San Martín Theater.
The visuals, operated live during the show, were projected on a 21x5 meters surface. There were a total of 17 sequences, made in collaboration with Leandro Ibarra.

Time-lapse producido por Nora Lezano, retocado  y animado por Nicólas Dardano.

Concept: Emilio García Wehbi / Maricel Alvarez 
Staging y direction: Emilio García Wehbi
Visuals: Nicolás Dardano / Leandro Ibarra 
Visual tecnical development:  Agustín Colli (Setup audiovisual) 
Photographic design: Nora Lezano
Sound design: Marcelo Martínez
Sound assistance: Vanesa del Barco
Staging design: Julieta Potenze



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