multimedia show

2014. Facultad de Derecho, Buenos Aires.

Design and animation of a mapping for the show Vértigo, directed by Maricel Alvarez and Emilio García Wehbi during Museums Night in Buenos Aires.
The mapped surface was the facade of Buenos Aires University’s Law School, being its width 100 meters and its high 14 meters. The show, which was intended to describe knowledge as an initiatory journey, displayed different media and techniques: performance, lighting, sound, object design, dj’s and vj’s sets. All these were acting in dialogue with the projection on the building. Made in collaboration with Leandro Ibarra.

Pieza audiovisual de inicio.

Process video.

Concept and direction: Maricel Alvarez / Emilio García Wehbi
Staging y direction: Maricel Alvarez
Mapping visuals: Nicolás Dardano / Leandro Ibarra / Federico Lamas
Visual tecnical development: IDV / Willi Peloche
Light design: Agnese Lozupone
Sound design: Marcelo Martínez
Costume design: Belén Parra
Direction assistant: Julieta Potenze
Artistic production: Maia Minovich
Graphic design: Sebastián Roitter/ Lucas Nahuel Perez
Teaser and video registration: Natalia Labaké



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