Audiovisual performance by Cie Omnibus. Nancy, France.
40 minutes video.

Composed by 6 Taikos (Japanese drums), voice, guitar and video projections, the piece dives into the collective memory of atomic catastrophes (Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chernobyl, Fukushima) to face fear using poetry as main tool.
A single frontal projector was used to map the back wall, objets, and performers. All lights and videos were triggered from the same video output, via Resolume Arena.


Voice and staging: Chantal Puccio
Taiko, voice:
Yumi Célia
Guitar, voice, musical creation:
Ernest Mollo
Live visuals, light design:  
Nicolás Dardano
Fabien Cruzille
Video registration:
Vincent Tournaud
Complicit gaze:
Delphine Bardot
Marie-Hélène Lafon, Alain Damasio, John Trudell
Japanses song: 
Sono Asa et Sanya de Christiane Chaput
HIBAKUSHA paintings:
Musée du Mémorial de la Paix à Hiroshima
Yoshio Kawata, Tomiko Ikeshoji (Kubo), Ekiji Sasayama, Toshiko Kihara,
Sumie Sasaki, Isamu Takeuchi, Yoshio Takahara, Shizuko Miura.



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