Audiovisual collaboration performance 

Music and video improvization, Blanca theatre, Spain, 2019
Live visuals and set design

Four musicians with different backgrounds gathered to perform this impovisation session within the framework of AADK Spain's residency program. Stage design by Nicolás Dardano, constinting of 3 translucent screens located at different depths, a live camera inside the piano and 4 projections on a traditional screen.
Musicians: Beatriz Gijón / Piano, Marian Carvalho / Musical improvisation, Roisner / Live set, Yumi Célia / Taiko).

Reel video.

Fragment 1.

Fragment 2.

Fragment 3

Fragment 4

Fragment 5


Piano Concert: Beatriz Gijón
Musical impro : Mariana Carvalho
Taiko: Yumi Célia

Live set: Roisner
Visuals, set design and video edit: Nicolás Dardano

Creative support: Elena Azzedín
Camera: Selu Herraiz / Dorothy Cheung

Produced by AADK SPAIN



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